We are a highly ambitious team of scientists, environmentalists and development specialists looking for ever-creative ways to restore wetlands around the world for climate resilience and food security.

We are based in Glasgow, Scotland, but you are more likely to find us at one of our sites in Ghana, Spain or Vietnam.

Yanik Nyberg

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Yanik brings years of experience in international development, having worked on projects in West Africa and Vietnam. Since starting Seawater Solutions, Yanik has built and operated the UK’s first seawater farm, brought crop to market, established a network of commercial, industrial and academic partners, and been recognised through a host of awards and grants.

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Projects: Namibia / Scotland / Bangladesh

Jamie Cooper

Chief Operating Officer

Jamie is a passionate environmental advocate who draws leadership experience from his years creating and running sustainable e-commerce brands, his own eco-focused marketing and branding agency, and an environmental tech startup addressing harmful consumption and the circular economy. With a lifelong passion for the environment, sustainability and social justice, Jamie’s drive to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals is a key part of who he is as much as being a job. In his role as COO, Jamie hopes to unlock the economic, social and environmental potential of Seawater Solutions.

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Joella Korczak

Chief Program Officer

Joella ensures that all the aspects of the organisation’s activity chain, from research to stakeholder and community engagement, project implementation, operations, program development, and human resources, function as a whole to deliver our goals and objectives. Since 2020, she has managed our role within a UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office funded initiative, SANGHA, to develop regenerative agricultural systems and undertake mangrove reforestation in Ghana. She has a history in research, management, and organising specialist conventions on the future of food security, and holds degrees in anthropology (LMU University Munich) and communications (University of Gastronomic Science Pollenzo).

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Projects: Ghana / Spain

Sam Mackinnon

Chief Strategy Officer

Sam ensures that strategic goals are delivered and advises on strategy formulation across the organisation’s activity chain. He supports by developing data-driven, technological initiatives to address, execute, or predict outcomes at macro and micro levels, simplifying processes in complex operational environments. He has a history advising NGOs, government, and the private sector in management and development, and holds degrees in political science, strategic and security studies.

Projects: Ghana

Chris Eccles

Environmental Coordinator

Chris draws on his experience from interning with a project management company in California and his years’ work in the contaminated land and waste industry in Scotland to provide bespoke solutions for clients. Chris’s background is in civil and environmental engineering with a focus of using plants to remediate contaminated brownfield sites. Chris will help establish and manage new and existing sites whilst offering solutions to clients and other stakeholders.

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Projects: Malawi / Namibia

Raphael Yao Ahiakpe

Technical Projects Manager (Africa)

Raphael is a professional aquaculture specialist, with keen interest in integrated agro-aqua systems that promote efficient and sustainable use of resources.  He has over a decade of experience in agritech projects and commercial aquaculture operations management. Raphael holds MSc Aquaculture degree from Ghent University (Belgium), and is currently the Technical Lead on InnovateUK Agri-Tech R9 SANGHA project.

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Projects: Ghana

Lam Quoc Nhut

Technical Projects Manager (Vietnam)

Nhut has grown Salicornia on his own land in Nha Be and instructs farmers on cultivation methods in our other sites. Before joining Seawater Solutions, Nhut was a technician at a fertilizer company and has experience with probiotics and organic fertilizer production. Moreover, Nhut became passionate about agriculture and taught himself about soil preparation, horticulture, and how to develop brands for agriculture products. The aquaculture sector is also his strength and he looks forward to developing many other types of salt tolerant vegetables integrated with salt-tolerant fish.

Projects: Vietnam

Vy Nguyen

Quality Assurance Manager

Vy majored in Plant Molecular Biology at Han University in the Netherlands and use her experience in seed technology research and plant breeding to develop farming strategies for salt tolerant crops in Vietnam. Every year, her hometown in Ben Tre Province suffers from salinity intrusion, therefore, she is passionate about taking some of her work back to the community to solve the salinization problem there.

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Projects: Vietnam