First Restaurant Trials in Ho Chi Minh City

By Nicholas Shell, Seawater Solutions Global Project Manager (Asia)

This week we sent out our first samples of Mekong Delta grown Salicornia to restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City.

Chefs were keen to get creative with this new ingredient, coming up with elaborate ways to bring out the distinct salty taste of the Salicornia. ‘Love them! First time I can find them in Vietnam. I would be a super good customer for it’ (Chef at Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam).

Customers quickly recognized the unique flavor, posting on social media ‘I was surprised by them. Tiny but packed a lot of flavors, naturally seasoned with salt, kinda half between the grape seaweed and young peppercorn sprig’.

This sample we gave out came from the Salicornia tips which we prune to avoid early flowering.

We are looking forward to providing more samples to creative chefs and getting word out about Salicornia in Vietnam.