Hydroponic Systems

By Nicholas Shell, Seawater Solutions Co-founder and Chief Technical Officer Soil-less indoor farming is an up-and-coming trend in the agriculture sector, with special implications for urban farming. Nhut, who manages our Ho Chi Minh City site, has put together our first indoor hydroponic system for our Salicornia and is testing for use in wastewater treatment […]

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Peanut Harvests

By Nicholas Shell, Seawater Solutions Co-founder and Chief Technical Officer When helping farmers adapt to increasingly saline conditions, we are not only introducing novel halophyte crops, but also salt tolerant varieties of conventional crops. This gives farmers flexibility when growing in saline lands in different conditions and between various seasons. Growing a sensitive crop like

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Growing Peanuts with Seawater?

By Vy Nguyen, Seawater Solutions Quality Assurance Manager In the changing climate scenario, the impact of salinization is likely to increase further, necessitating special efforts to maintain sustainable crop yield under salt stress. Peanuts are a tropical legume, high in oil content which can feed humans and poultry containing many vitamins and minerals including vitamin

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Halophytes Contain Valuable Micronutrients

By Nicholas Shell, Seawater Solutions Global Project Manager (Asia) There is no question that halophytes are great to eat. However, they also contain valuable micronutrients used in livestock feeds, fish feeds, and pharmaceuticals. Alongside Salicornia, species such as Sea purslane (Sesuvium portulacastrum), Sea blite (Suaeda maritima), and Salsola species contain high levels of: Fatty acids

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