Nursery to Field

By Chris Eccles, Seawater Solutions Project Coordinator (Africa) In Ghana we have some pretty ambitious plans to plant millions of mangroves across coastlines in the coastal regions over the next few years and it all starts with a few seeds. When it comes to environmental degradation, there is a significant negative-feedback loop which must be

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Seawater Solutions at it Again!

By Raphael Yao Ahiakpe, Seawater Solutions Technical Projects Manager (Africa) From using salinized soils to grow salt tolerant crops and vegetables to wetlands bioremediations, the team at Seawater Solutions finds pleasure in providing sustainable solutions to some of the World’s pressing challenges associated with food security and climate change. The latter is of much concern

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Creating Networks and Community Engagement in Ghana

By Joella Korczak, Seawater Solutions Programme Officer We believe that conservation and reforestation of ecosystems and rural development are a catalyst for each other. Integrating community members and local stakeholders are key for a successful and sustainable project, including factors such as knowledge transfer and empowerment. While including locals in the process of our projects,

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