Restoring Salt-pans in Cadiz

By Yanik Nyberg, Seawater Solutions Founder & Director

Salt-pans in Cadiz, Spain, date back to the Phoenician period and were later utilised by Romans. Once a global hot spot for salt production, many of the salt pans lie unused nowadays.

However a system of sluice gates that controls water levels still remains. It allows seawater to flood the shallow pans for salt production. Once the water is evaporated by the sun, the salt product can be collected.

There is a huge potential to utilise this ancient irrigation system in order to cultivate halophytes, increase biodiversity and restore this cultural landscape.

The coming months our team will take part in this exciting project together with the local NGO Salarte and Ángel León to restore the traditional salt pans and wetlands in the Cadiz region.